Shopping and Crime

by Professor Joshua Bamfield


An important new book by Professor Joshua Bamfield on the causes of retail crime and combating it











Shopping and Crime is based on:

•    Prof Bamfield's 27 years of research into retail crime and practical experience of running civil recovery in the UK;

•    LP Management. His research into Loss Prevention management and how differing approaches can improve the bottom line;

•    Deep research into shoplifting. The findings about methods, theft types, and products stolen from analysing the largest existing research database of 40,000 shoplifters;

•    Motives for shopping and shoplifting. Examines why and how people shop, and how and why this relates to retail crime;

•    Employee thieves. The key results about employee theft based on our database of 3,000 employee thieves;

•    History of shopping and history of retail crime. Believing that people who don't know their history don't understand their future, Shopping and Crime presents new evidence about how the British have always loved to shop and how retailers have struggled to cope with their shoplifting;

•    Online fraud. This is the first retail crime text book to take account of the eCommerce revolution by dealing with online fraud on the same basis as other types of crime rather than viewing it as a specialist topic.

Amongst many other topics Shopping and Crime also looks at the trends in 'celebrity shoplifters', compulsive shopping, the growth in refund fraud and the widespread retail wearing scam, also called de-shopping and shopgrifting.


Shopping and Crime by Prof Joshua A N Bamfield
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication date: 16 March 2012
Price £55.00
ISBN: 9780230521605